Quetiapine Impurities-Complete Information about the Medicine

Quetiapine Impurities-Complete Information about the Medicine

Quetiapine impurities is a medication used in the treatment of schizophrenia, which is a mental ailment which instigates distressed and abnormal thinking, strong or unstable emotions and the individual loses interest in life. It is available in tablet form and extended release tablet form and they can be used solely or teamed up with other medications for treatment of Mania or depression with bipolar disorder. The patients with irritated mood or abnormal excitement and individuals with manic episodes or depression episodes can get benefit from this tablet. Quetiapine is used along with other medicines to prevent episodes of depression and mania in individuals with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia in teenagers or children. Quetiapine impurities are classified under atypical antipsychotics and functions to modify the activities of natural constituents inside the brain of an individual.

The quantity of the medicine must be taken as prescribed and not less or more as it can harm your body. Initially, patients are given low dose of the medicine which increases gradually after the first week and all the queries must be put before the doctor regarding intake of the medicine to avoid any problems. Suddenly stopping the medicine may result in vomits, nausea or insomnia so you must decrease your dosage gradually with guidance from the doctor.

In case you are allergic to any medicines, especially quetiapine then you must inform your doctor before taking it. You must also tell the doctor about your other medications like vitamins, supplements or other products which you are already taking.  There are certain medicines which, when combined with quetiapine can react and lead to side effects. You also need to inform the doctor about any diabetic history or QT interval problem in your family. Other problems like seizures, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration or cataracts must also be told to the doctor before starting the medicine. In case you have heart problems, breast cancer or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the doctor must know about it.

Quetiapine  pills can make you drowsy so you must take precautions when taking this medicine. Alcohol must be avoided with this as it can add to the drowsiness. You can experience increased blood sugar levels as a side effects, so if you experience frequent urination, extreme hunger or thirst, weakness or blurred vision, then you should contact a doctor immediately. Quetiapine does not let your body cool down easily in summers so you must avoid too much exercise and stay indoors away from the sun during hot weather. Other side-effects you may experience are dizziness, fainting or lightheadedness while getting up so don’t get up abruptly. This medication can also result to high blood pressure in teenagers or children so it is crucial to keep a check on that. While taking the medicines, patients must eat plenty of grapefruit or drink the juice regularly. Tendency of gaining weight also increases with the medication so take a balanced meal in combination with exercise.

There are several side effects patients may face while taking quetiapine, like dizziness, weakness, pain in joints, ears, back or neck, drowsiness, vomiting, indigestion, dry mouth, constipation, weight gain, high appetite, headache, irritation, pains, difficulty in speaking, thinking or concentrating, and several other problems, so if you feel any of these then contact the doctor. Some patients face serious side effects like seizures, fainting, fever, stiffness in muscles, non controllable movements in the legs, arms, face, lips etc. If these symptoms appear then you should immediately contact the physician. Do not take overdose of this medicine as there are several risks involved, so it is vital to follow doctor’s instructions while taking this medicine. The medicine is sold under the brand name Seroquel and Seroquel XR.

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