Can Losartan Make a Comeback?

Can Losartan Make a Comeback?

Losartan is a drug which acts as an angiotensin II antagonist and is thus used to treat patients with high blood pressure levels. However, losartan is not found in the market by this name but, it is rather found in the market by a completely different name known as Cozaar. This drug is marketed by the Merek and Co. Inc. it is available in the market in generic form.

Uses of losartan

Losartan is used to treat hyper pressure since it has got angiotensin. This drug is also used in treating the cases of nephropathy and renal diseases. Though it cannot cure the renal disease but, it can slow down the advent of disease and thus helps the patient to buy some time to get the proper medical diagnosis and also to get the appropriate treatment from doctors. Although the calcium channel blockers are always considered to be the first hand treatment that the patient needs but, an angiotensin II antagonist is also preferred for the patients who are under the age of 55 and are not able to tolerate the ACE test and its necessary treatments. Scientific study has already proven the fact that losartan is much better than atenolol when it comes to the treatment of cardiovascular problems. Losartan reduces the cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and thereby it helps in the reduction of blood pressure in the most effective and smooth manner. The time of action of this drug is also very fast and short and thus it can be certainly used during the time of an emergency.

Mechanism of action

Losartan is such a type of drug that due to its angiotensin II antagonism it reduces the peripheral resistance which is also known as the after load and the cardiac venous return which is also known as the preload. In this way this drug reduced the pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels and arteries and thus saves the patient from having a heart attack or stroke.  Losartan can even act a uricosuric. This drug helps in the blockage of the chemical uric from entering our blood and thus with the help of the kidney, the necessary amount of uric and its related compounds are excreted from our body in an effective manner.

Disadvantages of using Losartan

But as of 2014, the FDA had announced that losartan has got a fatal effect over the human body is used for a prolonged time and hence forth should not found in any kind of medicine shop or market. Its production had also been stopped. The most common side effects of this drug are dizziness, respiratory infections and immense amount of back pain. That’s why the scientists all over the world are now trying to find the best possible way in which they can synthesise the various impurities of losartan and thus, can also remove them. Hopefully, then it will be brought to the market again and then can be used by the patients without having any side effects and ill effects.

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