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In Business for science and innovation

Olympus Chemicals and Fertilizers (Based in India) are in Business for science & innovation, it is continuously involved in design, research , development with  cost effective synthesis and finding out new techniques of isolation & purification.


Our main strength is organic synthesis and analytical chemistry as of this we synthesized 1000+ molecules in a very brief time, Our R&D center is well equipped for any kind of chemical synthesis and supported with a project planning team of Ph.D. experienced scientists and chemist.


We provide high quality products and services worldwide to pharmaceutical companies, API companies, Generic companies, Formulation Companies, Biotech Companies, Research Institutes, Testing laboratory, Government Institutes, Universities etc.


Our products are pharmacopeia Impurities, API Related Compound, Impurities standard as per EP/USP/IP/JP, Process Related Impurities, Internal Standard, Secondary Working Standard, Intermediate, Metabolite etc. and are acceptable to all regulatory agencies in world like US-FDA, MHRA, MCC, WHO, Brazil, Japan and are also used for ANDA filing /DMF filing and genotoxic study.

STOCK-PRODUCTS-impurities-standard-supplierSTOCK PRODUCTS

As soon as the order/PO is confirmed, products are shipped immediately.

BEST-PRICE-impurities-standard-supplierBEST PRICE

We synthesized products in cost effective ways and thus our products are affordable to everyone.


Free data will be sent to the client on every shipment. There should not be extra charges to demand for additional data.

TIMELY-DELIVERY-impurities-standard-supplierTIMELY DELIVERY

We delivered products within the stipulated or agreed time period due to the perfect blend of a lot of their internal qualities such as work planning, transparency, effective communication facilities and many more.

COURIER-SERVICE-impurities-standard-supplierCOURIER SERVICE

These organizations depend on Shree Maruti, DHL, FedEx Fast Track services to move their products and these services are available round the clock.


The best pharmaceutical impurities provider employ the best communication facilities to contact their clients 24X7 and most of these organisations view it as a priority to establish a good association with their clients.

Olympus Chemicals & Fertilizers is recognized for presenting a good quality range of impurities

Through constant research and innovation, we succeed in winning the smile of our customers across the world. As a reliable impurities standard supplier, Olympus Chemicals & Fertilizers is recognized for presenting a good quality range of impurities. We totally focus on providing the impurities at all the levels related to both biological medicines and small molecule. Since our establishment, we have done constant research for isolation and purification of different impurities using advanced methods.

Our clients can easily buy the provided impurities by accessing the certifications and characterization data. Supplying a quality range to our clients is our ultimate goal and the product is also appreciated for its value of money. Across the globe, we work in close relationship with our clients and serve them with the timely delivery. We are proud to respond to all the client’s queries in the fastest manner.

We totally believe in extensive research and empower the chemical industry by delivering defect free products at cost effective prices. Here, our experts understand that toxicity of the impurities that can prove to be dangerous to the human. Most of the companies are concerned about the trace impurities that require proper analysis and control. We follow the general guidance and innovative approaches to control the traces. Our experts make the strategies for analyzing and controlling the toxic impurities that leads to harmful effects.

At Olympus Chemicals & Fertilizers, we are dedicated towards meeting the requirements of our clients. For this, we do a series of quality tests on the impurities throughout the manufacturing process. The whole testing is done under the regulation of our experts. The end result is the quality impurities that are delivered at the client’s end at most economical rates. In case of any confusion, you can contact us for further guidance.